Customs Request EDMT

Tannheim Airfield (EDMT) is – starting immediately – again available as an airfield of entry for customs (arrivals/departures to/from countries outside the EU.

Customs PPR 3 hours     Customs Request Form

Information concerning your Customs Request at Tannheim Airfield

Please fill out only the yellow parts of the WORD document.
(activate to write in document)

You do not need to sign the form
(the field “signature” is for us to sign)
please fill out the form online (only the yellow fields!) and then email it directly to:


Would you please give us a call before departure from abroad,
to make sure that we have received your customs request.
In case you plan to land and take off again within two hours
(to an airfield outside EU)please fill out two separate forms for arrival and departure.

The customs exemption may be used only for non-commercial traffic
to or from a non-EU-Country.    Have a safe trip!

Your Team Tannheim

Tel.: +49 (0) 83 95 – 12 44

Customs regulationsImports: Only goods that do not exceed the allowances granted in respect of quantity and value and that are not subject to any other restrictions may be imported. For details of the regulations, see www.zoll.deExports: Only tourist traffic goods may be carried provided they are not subject to any restrictions and that they are not the subject matter of a claim for a tax exemption in respect of their export. Other goods may only be imported or exported via customs airports. Anyone who fails to comply with these regulations is liable to prosecution for violation of the customs regulations. Customs inspections are carried out without prior questioning. Police regulationsThe pilot, members of the crew and passengers must carry valid travel documents. Persons who require a visa must enter and leave the country at a customs airport.

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