Castles and more

·  Royal Castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

o ca. 1h by car

o Let yourself be bewitched by King Louis II.´s magic castles and submerge in a dream world of special appeal

o Neuschwanstein Castle, built by King Louis II from 1868 on a cliffy rock in a picturesque mountain scenery, should arise “in the authentic style of the old german knights´ castles”, as he wrote to Richard Wagner.


·  Lake Constance and Mainau Island

o The variety of points of interest, cultural memorials and excursion places account for the special appeal of the international region of Lake Constance for day trips and (short) vacation. From Tannheim you´ll be there in about 1,5 hours.

·  Underwater : experience sea creatures closely in Constance

o „Sea Life Konstanz“ presents a fascinating underwater world in over 40 fresh- and saltwater basins with total 660.000 litres of water. On a tour you follow the course of the Rhine river, from the alpine glacier, along the Rine and Lake Constance to the mideaval port of Rotterdam, where the Rhine finally ends in the North Sea. The exhibition´s highlight is the 8 meter long acrylic tunnel through the Mediteranean Basin, holding 320.000 litres of water. Impressive stingrays, graceful blacktip reef sharks and weird morays swim above the visitors´ heads.

·  Affenberg  - „Monkey Mountain“

o You can watch more then 200 magots and submerge into our ancestors´ world. Study the rich social life of these cute animals in Germany´s largest monkey open-air enclosure.

·  Salem Castle

o Salem castle is situated in one of Lake Constance´s most attractive landscapes. The unique castle complex of the margrave of Baden, with 700 years of art history and other treasures invites you to marvel and enjoy.



·  Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen

o On 4000 square metres world´s largest exhibition of history and technics of airship aviation is presented. One of the most outstanding exhibits is the 33 m long authentic and accessible reconstruction of a part of LZ 129 Hindenburg.

·  Automobile Museum Wolfegg

o The Automobile Museum Busch is one of the largest automobile museums in Germany with about 200 exhibited cars, motorbikes, tractors and camping trailers.

·  Open-air Farm Museum Illerbeuren

o Close to the airfield this museum shows the farmers´ life 100 years ago.

·  Deutsches Museum München  - German Museum Munich

o Submerge in german history in many fields and learn more about history, present, natural science, design, research and much more.

·  Römisches Museum Augsburg  - Roman Museum Augsburg

o Underneath the city of Augsburg lies covered the roman pre-urban settlement Augusta Vindelicum. The evidence from this time appear again and again during construction work – a worthwhile time travel!



Natural spectacles

·  Breitachklamm – Breitach gorge – a miracle of nature

o The Breitach gorge, which built a miracle in 10.000 years, shows how nature can bewitch you – you will deeply be moved by the wild beauty and the nativeness of nature!

·  Sturmanns Cave – accessable cave

o In former times cave maids and dragons are said to have walked abroad

o Experience the amazing world of primitive times in a stone cave underneath the earth – via 180 stairs you reach the cave´s impressive inner life.

·  Starzlachklamm – Starzlach gorge – Wild and romantic

o The gorge´s natural crator is the Starzlach creek, originating between the mountains Grünten and Wertacher Horn in an elevation of 1070 m and fed by several runnels.



Relaxing on rainy days

·  Thermal Springs Bad Wörsihofen

o Enjoy life and care for your health, wellness and beauty in a gorgeous ambience. The thermal springs in Bad Wörishofen offer you a manifold bargain.


Extraordinary stuff

·  The Camel farm in the Allgäu

o If you like, slide away on a “ship of the desert”!

o Only 65 km away from Tannheim



Concerts and festivals

·  Tollwood Festival in Munich

o A spezial deliciancy in summer as in winter, with lots of music, life style from all over the world, arts and crafts and all, which is “the world” – absolutely worth seeing!

·  Big Box Kempten

o If you like to celebrate, party or enjoy, inform yourself about the actual events in Kempten, 40 km away.

·  Open-air stage Altusried

o Experience the extraordinary flair of the Allgäu Open-air stage, with the musical „Anatevka“ or traditional theatre!


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