We kindly ask all visiting members of the press for accreditation in advance - if possible via email or fax.
You will find the accreditation form here.

You will receive confirmation from us via email.

Please visit the Registration (Red Bull) tent  abeam the hotzone upon arrival. The ladies there will have a list of all accreditations and will give you further information. Please understand that we can only admit accredited members of the press near the flightline and certain aircraft. You will receive special vests. Experience has shown us that most aviation photographers and journalists know their way around airfields and "danger zones" but please be advised that entry to the flightline will be at your own risk and we ask you of course to be careful and alert. There will be numberous fast moving aircraft and vehicules on the taxiways, please be aware that there is always a chance for an unexpected avoidance manoeuvre in these areas too.

PLEASE note: DO NOT ENTER OR CROSS the RUNWAY under any circumstances.

We have line taxis (free of charge) which will take you around the airfield.

Our Team Tannkosh would of course be happy to receive select pictures of Tannkosh, and we would very much appreciate a copy of all print media in which Tannkosh will appear (for our homepage).

For more information or in case of any questions please contact:

Verena Dolderer
Tel.: +49 83 95 9 31 39
Fax: +49 83 95 9 31 37

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