Camping on the Flightline

During the Tannkosh weekend you may sleep directly beneath your wings (or wherever you find it comfortable next to your airplane) – as it is a tradition at Tannkosh.  No camping fees for pilots / crews. Please notice: this applies only to the visitors arriving with aircraft, cars shall park on the assigned parking lot or the camping site, because the flightline is exclusively reserved for airplanes – there will be no access for cars, except exhibitors with a parking permit.

We will provide a total of 50 Dixie-toilets as well as water depots for you during Tannkosh. They will be placed along the flightline, near the hangar,  near the camping showers on the gravel field west of the restaurant. Cleaning 2 x a day. Water depots (no drinking water): 1x northern flightline, 1 x southern flightline (in the west) and near the camping showers.

We will enlarge these camping showers a little this year, but we ask you for understanding that we cannot make them twice the size, because then the kitchen won´t get any water any more…

The showers in the basement are reserved for the LADIES, gentlemen please understand!

A REQUEST TO ALL PARENTS COMING WITH CHILDREN: Please don´t bring footballs (or similar toys you wouldn't want to hit an airplane with:-) and please don't leave the children unattended to avoid injuries or damages. The area between the hangars is not suitable as playground. For playing soccer, Frisbee or similar games with high „kinetic energy“ please take a field which is far away from the airfield or behind a corn field as a barrier...

accomodation in hotels & guest houses

If you prefer a less barnstorming way to stay overnight:

Here you find list of hotels in the vicinity.

Please register at all hotels with the remark “Tannkosh / Airfield Tannheim”

Please fetch your key personally at the hotel to relieve our welcome tent crew – thank you for your understanding! (deposit of keys in the welcome tent is only possible in exceptional cases!)

Staying on the camp site

This year we'll provide camping areas at the airfield again. We ask all campers to register in time by means of  this form.

After arrival we ask all campers to contact our „project team leader camping” , Michael Rathgeber. Michael will be on the site with his team to welcome you. Please pay your camping fee there. Caravans, SUVs or travel vans shall take to their position as soon as practicable after arrival on the camping site and please take care not to block the access.
Toilets will be available near the camp site. Additionally we will provide “camping showers” for you near the camp site. The showers in the basement of the restaurant are reserved for the ladies, like they were last year.

For longer residences on the camping area pleas notify us in advance; before and after the Tannkosh weekend the sanitary arrangements of the restaurant can be used of course.
CAUTION: There will be no campsites with electricity bar available during Tannkosh.

The use of the camp site occurs at your own risk. Airfield Tannheim will assume no liability.

Transport to/from the hotels

Due to popular demand we will offer shuttle busses again for Tannkosh 2013, mainly for transport to the hotels at night and to pick you up in the morning. Please check our shuttle-bus time table for times.

You are wecome to book your Transportation in advance, HERE the link
to the booking site for the Tannkosh Shuttle Service.

Outside of the shuttlebus-times we will of course make sure that ALL Taxi Services in the area will be notified and present during Tannkosh, day and night.

May we ask you to use the Shuttle Service for transport to your Hotel, also to pick up your keys in time, as some Hotels will close before midnight and you'll need to pick up keys in the afternoon/evening.

For cabs call
Taxi Kutter (24 h)  +49-8331-5050
Taxi Maier  (24 h)  +49-8331-2828
Taxi Kurz    (24 h) +49-8331-2222 
Taxi Diddelcar       +49-8331-99 11 66

Taxicab phone numbers (pdf)

The phone numbers will be available at the Red Bull Welcome Tent during Tannkosh.

In case of any questions we are happy to help you – please contact us prior to the event.

Partners of Tannkosh