Customs declaration

Since 2012, pilots visiting Tannkosh as well all visitors to EDMT all through the year enjoy an exemption from the necessity to land/depart at/from custom aerodromes. Thanks to the support of our customs authority we are able to offer pilots customs services here at Tannheim airfield so you do not need to plan an extra stop for customs.

To meet the requirements concerning this exemption it is necessary to provide some information about all aircraft visiting us from Non-Schengen countries before your arrival. We ask the pilots of these aircraft for a customs declaration in advance. Goods for which import duties have to be paid must not  be imported! Please bring a passport with you. There will be customs officers here during Tannkosh.

This is NOT an exemption from the responsibility to file a flight plan!
And please please CLOSE YOUR FLIGHTPLAN after landing by phone:  +49-69-7807 - 2641 (special number ONLY during Tannkosh) (or 2512) . If you don´t have a cell phone, please visit our welcome tent immediately after landing, our girls there can close your flight plan for you, too. Or ask another pilot – but please do it in time and close your flight plan, because we had lots of phone calls by the Search and Rescue service due to forgotten landing reports last year.

customs form HERE

please email or fax it to us:

fax: +49 83 95 9 31 37


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