Important information for pilots

TANNKOSH-FLY-IN August 23rd - 25th 2013

Pilots planning to fly in please take the time to read the following infos concerning safety and procedures during the event.

ATTENTION: the procedures will remain essentially the same for Tannkosh 2013, but please check here again in August to catch any changes. NEW ATIS -frequency: 125,800. UPDATES will follow.

Opening times Tannheim airfield during Tannkosh: 08:00 local time until SS + 30.

"Pilot Info"   Download   

AIP VFR Supplement DFS (Tannkosh 2013) Tannkosh ATZ

Please pay attention to the approach and holding procedures
Approach and Holding Procedures   Download

For your safety please check:

Where? Who? What? The area map of Tannkosh will give you an overview!
  Overview Download

ATTENTION  Helicopter Pilots:
We´re looking forward to your visit! For safety reasons, the use of the fuel station during Tannkosh is unfortunately not possible for helicopters. Please understand this is necessary to prevent damage to other aircraft in line to get fuel. Please consider this fact in your flight preparation! The Heli Pad will be located in the south-western part of the airfield (see Area Map). Please contact ATC in time and perform your approaches accordingly.
Special Helicopter Procedures (download pdf)

Tannkosh - ATIS: new frequency 125,800 MHz - check procedure below.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please close your flightplan after landing! +49-69-7807 2641 (NEW NUMBER!)
number above valid thursday until sunday,
before/after please call +49 69 7807 2500

Please check this page prior to your approach to Tannkosh – possible changes or additional information will be provided here for you if applicable.

ATTENTION please: DROP-ZONE ILLERTISSEN (EDMI) will be active during Tannkosh.

Aviate - Navigate - Communicate!

We would like to ask for your active support:

A.N.C. (Aviate - Navigate - Communicate)

Safety first


Fun for Aviation


Arriving on thursday before Tannkosh is becoming more popular every year. On the day before the FLY-IN the airspace around Tannheim is a bit less crowded, so the arrival is more relaxed. Those who arrive on thursday already can look forward to a pleasant evening with Jazz and more. To all crews arriving on Friday: expect airshow display flights.
Lots of beautiful airplanes and last but not least a great evening party on the patio and along the flightline are waiting for you.

To decrease unnecessary holding times and problems, we ask all approaching pilots to avoid the display times. At the following times displays are planned overhead Tannheim airfield:

Friday Display: 14:00 - 14:20, 15:00 - 15:20, 16:00 - 16:20, 17:00 - 17:20, 18:00 - 18:20, 19:00 - 19:20, local times.
Display pilots: Briefing Friday 12.30 in the workshop - tent! Saturday Briefing time will be communicated.

Saturday display times:
10:00 - 10:20
11:00 - 11:20
13:00 - 13:20
14:00 - 14:20
15:00 - 15:20
16:00 - 16:20
17:00 - 17:20
18:00 - 18:20
19:00 - 19:20

There may be additional displays but we will take care not to exceed 15- 20 minutes to avoid long holdings.

To all pilots flying in: there will be NO landings fees. Please register at the big "Red Bull" Welcome Tent, our charming ladies will expect you there.

Additionally we provide AVGAS, MOGAS and different engine oils for you. Opening times fuel station: 08:00 until Sunset.
We ask you to refuel after landing, if possible, if you plan an early takeoff the next day - expect possible delays during refueling due to high traffic please.

We ask all approaching Crews to please look out and watch the airspace for other aircraft when getting closer to Tannheim!

ATIS: you will receive preliminary information (wind, runway in use etc.) on the TANNKOSH-ATIS-Frequency

125,800 Mhz (25 NM, up to FL100) – please check in time!

Tune in TANNHEIM INFO 122,825 MHz at the latest within a radius of 10 NM around Tannheim EDMT.
Expect very high traffic! Please pay attention to the information and advice given by our professionals on the tower.

Please: NO Approaches without radio contact! Check your radio equipment for proper operation prior take off at your departure aerodrome.

In the vicinity of the airfield, we ask all pilots to enter the traffic pattern maintaining own separation from other traffic, and to fly disciplined and safely.

To the  visual approach Chart EDMT (PDF 469 kb)

We provide this approach chart courtesy of the German Air Traffic Control Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

On our frequency TANNHEIM INFO 122,825 MHz, we ask for short and precise radio calls.
Please tune in the frequency in time.  Runway in use and surface winds will be broadcasted regularly.
We ask all pilots URGENTLY to avoid blocking the frequency by a “stuck mike”!

Radio Communication

- No initial call!
- Report only Callsign, type of aircraft, departure aerodrome. (e.g. "G-BZST, PA-28, inbound from Calais")
- use abbreviated confirmations (only the last two letters of callsign and the runway in use)
  (for example „ST-09“ oder „PC-27“)

Approach Procedures

During normal traffic volume (approach without holding pattern possible):

- Approaches only from the north, unless asked to report long final by "ATC", NO direct approaches possible.

- In case you approach from the south: Please circumnavigate the airfield with sufficient distance and enter the traffic pattern
  from the north! It is possible to cross Memmingen/Allgäu CTR (126,85, with clearance) or overfly it, but please still approach
  Tannheim from the north.

Please try to avoid all populated areas so that we can enjoy next year´s Tannkosh again without big restrictions:-)

- Enter the pattern via downwind and at Traffic Pattern Altitude: 2700 ft MSL.

- Please do not overfly the field below 5000 ft MSL due to aerobatic displays. For safety reasons do not  enter the  traffic circuit
  from above!  Please be careful during descent – there will be a lot of approaching aircraft.

Approach Procedures during high traffic volumes AND during airshow displays (no approaches possible):

Two „holding circles“ will be activated, to allow for the different approach speed of various aircraft:
HOLDING NORTH  for Single Engine Piston / Turbine / Multi Engine  (faster aircraft, final approach speed greater than 65 KTS)
HOLDING WEST for Motorglider / Ultralights (slower aircraft, no offence:-) Final approach speed at or below 65 KTS.

Note: important here is the speed on final approach, gear down, landing configuration!
So e.g. a Fascination please also join the WEST holding (even though faster than many single engine pistons at cruise speed)

Please join the respective holding pattern if asked to do so by "ATC". Turn on ALL lights on the aircraft. Employ all crewmembers to watch for traffic (possibly assign sectors).

Recommendation: in the holding patterns please fly ALL left turns, maintain altitude and watch the airspace. Maintain a listening watch on 122,825. Enter holding NORTH from the east or north, enter holding WEST from the northwest.

Holding aircraft will be called by „Tannkosh-ATC“ to continue the approach out of the holding pattern (please listen! aircraft will be called to continue inbound from only ONE of the two holding areas at a time).
Leave the holdings (to continue approach) at the positions shown on the "holding/approach procedures"

Use EXTREME Caution during the descent! Lots of approaching aircraft. Please avoid overtaking aircraft in front of you, maintain your position "in line" if possible.

Approach out of HOLDING NORTH via the downwind leg.

Approach out of HOLDING WEST via the base leg to runway 09, via downwind leg to runway 27.

Configure the aircraft for landing (first flaps, gear) before turning final if possible, to avoid extreme speed changes. If you "hit the brakes" on short final the pilot behind you will not be too pleased.
PLEASE watch your speed!!! Do not fall below your safe flying speed (e.g. when coming too close to the preceding aircraft).
In case of doubt better go around and fly another pattern, give a short radio call that you're going around and start the next approach via the traffic circuit.

During all phases of the approach please try to avoid sudden speed changes, there may be several aircraft following you.

Request to the Glider pilots: Please DO NOT approach Tannheim during Tannkosh! There is no possibility for towing you back. No access for trailers due to shortage of space.

Cases of Emergency or Urgency have priority! In case of problems please advise immediately,
all other pilots please keep radio silence, we'll call you when approaches are possible again.                                                       Please watch your fuel quantity!
Memmingen/Allgäu Airport (EDJA) is the official alternate aerodrome during Tannkosh. Leutkirch (EDNL) is the nearest uncontrolled airfield (and can also be used as an alternate).

Bigger aircraft unable to land in Tannheim respectively pilots intending to avoid the high traffic volume on Saturday are welcome to land in Memmingen! Hangar space is available after advance notification - preferably for Oldtimers.

From there you have the possibility to come to Tannheim by taxi cab – advance notification is possible and requested: Taxi Memmingen, phone +49-8331-5050 or  +40 8331 99 11 66.

After Landing

After landing, as soon as the speed permits - vacate the runway! Do not stop abruptly on the runway (if at all possible).
ATC may ask you for a long or short landing, pilots please judge safe landing distance. Tailplanes or aircraft with a longer landing roll may consider moving to one side of the runway to allow aircraft landing behind you to pass on the other side in case of brake failure (e.g.)
Please watch out for flag signals of the marshaller (red flags), he will assign you whether to vacate to the left or to the right. The grass safety strip between runway and taxiway is cut and can be used for taxi everywhere. Taxi generally according to flag signals of the marshallers (“flightliners”) in the red T-shirts, WHITHOUT radio contact (only listening watch). Exception: crossing of the runway – DO NOT CROSS the runway without clearance by TANNHEIM INFO via radio.

Please place a sign, well visible for the flightline crews, behind the windshield with following letters:

„ONC“ – Over Night Camping, if you intend to stay overnight near the airplane or in a hotel, without flying locally.

„FLY“ – If you intend to conduct local flights or to fly home the same day.

You then will be guided to your parking position by our flightliners, recognizeable by their red T-shirts with Yellow/ORANGE flags. After shutting down the engines they will assist you in pushing the aircraft into their final parking position (please bring a towing bar if applicable!).

ALL PILOTS: in view of the latest Airport security laws we ask all pilots to lock their aircaft and remove the keys after parking, and to have a lookout during Tannkosh to guard against unauthorised persons.

We will, as always, provide several „Line Taxis“ for the arriving and departing crews, which will bring you directly to the welcome tent and the “hot zone” or back to your aircraft; so please DO NOT WALK on the taxiways or the runway, and keep the maneuvering area clear after leaving the plane! The line taxis are driving round the field the whole day and will pick you up!

Please don´t forget to CLOSE your FLIGHTPLAN if you filed one IMMEDIATELY. We had lots of calls from the AIS and SAR service due to forgotten landing reports the last years; please appreciate that the tower crew is too busy to do that. The flightliners will assist you!

Please check the CUSTOMS procedure on this website if you arrive from a Not-Schengen-country! Advance notification is required.

Rigging material: Please bring enough ropes and pegs to tie your airplane down. We would greatly appreciate it if you would tie down the aircraft as soon as possible after arrival, to avoid damage to your aircraft and others in case of wind or prop-blasts.
We will have some tiedown-sets for sale.


Before starting the engine: PROP CLEAR!!!                Lots of visitors!

Taxi at your own discretion, without radio call – only listening watch, to the holding position of the runway in use, look out for flag signals of the flightliners, keep eye contact to them as much as possible! Please watch our for our "redshirts", they will be the ones closest to the runway and taxiway. Taxi with care.

Report „ready for departure“ when ready for an immediate take off. Take off only after confirmation by TANNHEIM INFO, if the approach sector is clear.
  During the rush hour: Take off according to flag signals at the holding position (without radio clearance)

Departure RWY 09: at first please fly to the east until crossing the river after departure, then heading about 060° (parallel to the Control Zone Airspace D Memmingen ) and turn to the north AFTER passing the A7 Highway, because a lot of incoming opposite traffic is expected. Please don´t cross the HOLDING NORTH area. Recommended altitude 2700 ft MSL until passing KIRCHDORF (village, recognizable by the big “Liebherr” excavator-factory, one single "high rise building" in the villlage) .

Departure RWY 27: if climb performance permits, proceed directly to the west, recommended altitude 2700 ft MSL until passing Rot an der Rot (Church with twin towers). Please don´t cross HOLDING WEST. When departing to the south use caution of Control Zone Memmingen!

For straight out departure to the west MIN. 2200 ft MSL is necessary before reaching the forest west of the runway; aircraft with low climb performance (consider: ELEV 1903 ft, high density altitude!) turn right shortly after takeoff with sufficient airspeed AT the LATEST over the country road just west of the field, and fly to the north, climb in the Iller valley, after reaching a safe altitude turn left to the northwest (MAX 2500 ft please until clear of HOLDING NORTH). Caution incoming opposite traffic!
Please do not take off runway 27 with max weight if your aircraft is slightly underpowered!
Please consider longer takeoff-run due to high temp or runway condition (wet runway).

Have a safe flight - we're looking forward to seeing you at Tannkosh!



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